Recording and Rehearsal Studios in York

Find best places in York to record your music.

Many of our students at Guitar Lessons York decide to record their guitar playing, and our tutors find it a great way to compliment your lessons as you progress with your guitar playing.

There is nothing better as a guitarist to hear yourself playing and realise how far you have come since the days of barely being able to play a chord on guitar. With so many recording studios in York, it can be difficult choosing the right one for you – one which gets the best from your guitar playing whilst giving you an enjoyable experience. Our tutors here at Guitar Lessons York have experience with many of the recording studios in York so have put together a short guide to the best ones in the city.

Precentor Recording Studio

Precentor Recording Studio offers a tailored recording service to suit your needs. They have vast experience in recording a wide variety of styles, so no matter what your style of guitar playing, Precentor Recording Studio will give you a great sounding product. Their engineers have worked with some famous acts, so you know that you will be in safe hands when it comes to recording your guitar playing. And with the latest equipment being used at the studio, there is no doubt that the studio has the equipment and engineers to give you a top quality recording experience. However, the studio can also record you at a location of your choice, so for those who may be daunted by entering a studio, you can record in the comfort of your own home and just focus on getting your guitar playing perfectly.

The Jam Factory Studios

The Jam Factory Studios has a unique setting, what with being based in an old Victorian factory, so you can guarantee that the environment will offer great inspiration for your guitar playing. However, this environment doesn’t impact on the quality of sound, for the studio offers state of the art technology able to cater both to solo artists and full bands. So no matter whether you are looking to record your guitar playing alone, or are a guitarist in a band, The Jam Factory Studios will be perfect for you. And at £20 per hour, it proves that high-quality recording doesn’t need to come with a high price tag. Even for those not ready to record, The Jam Factory Studios has four soundproofed rehearsal rooms which are perfect to practice your guitar playing outside of your lessons with us here at Guitar Lessons York. The studio is conveniently located on Eldon Street, YO31 7NH.

The White Rooms

The White Rooms offers a fantastic recording experience, with soundproofed and fully treated rooms to ensure that you get the best sound from your guitar playing. Their engineer has 20 years of experience in the recording industry, so is well placed to guarantee a great sound, and give guidance where it is needed. The studio truly caters to the individual, so no matter what your guitar playing style, the White Rooms will be able to capture your sound. They also offer five rehearsal rooms, which each come with a PA system, so all you need to do is arrive with your guitar and be prepared to play. The rehearsal rooms are also soundproofed and acoustically treated, making it a great place for beginner and experienced guitarists alike to practice outside of their guitar lessons. The studio is based in Bentley Park, just five minutes from York University.

Young Thugs Studio

Located at South Bank Social Club, Ovington Terrace, York YO23 1DJ. Young Thugs is a small independent studio in York that mostly caters to local bands & provides them with a platform to record their music at an affordable price. The business also doubles as a Label and a management company & since 2016 has been promoting some of the best talent that York has to offer. If you are looking for affordable recording then this is the place for you.

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