Music Venues in York

York has a fantastic music scene, meaning that there are many places in the city where you can catch live music.

No matter whether you are a rock guitarist or prefer the mellower guitar sounds of folk, there will be something on in the city to suit your musical needs.

And with such a wide variety of venues, from large centres attracting famous artists to intimate and cosy pubs, the York music scene has something for everyone. So make sure you keep an eye out for events and catch some of the fantastic live music that York has to offer.


Fibbers has been a central part of York’s music scene since its opening 22 years ago and is largely responsible for attracting huge names to York. Indeed since its inception, Fibbers has played host to some of the biggest names in rock, including Stereophonics and the Killers. However, the venue is also a strong supporter of local talent, and many a fine York musician has graced its stage. The venue doesn’t just offer great music; Fibbers is a great place to come for live music purely because of its intimate atmosphere, which brings you up close and personal to some of your favourite bands. And with a new location since 2014, Fibbers now has a bigger capacity without compromising on that intimate atmosphere which makes it so loved by all. It is now located a short walk from York station on Toft Green, YO1 6JT.

York Barbican

York Barbican is one of the larger venues that York has to offer, so you can guarantee that you find a lively atmosphere behind its doors, no matter what you are going there to see. The venue is no stranger to local talent either, with the Yorkshire Young Sinfonia playing at the venue and showcasing some of the best young classical musicians that York and the surrounding area has to offer. However, it is also the venue in York to go to if you wish to see more famous acts, for what with being one of York’s larger music venues, York Barbican attracts some of the bigger names in music, including the Proclaimers. You will also be able to see a wide variety of genres here, from classical to rock, so no matter what your musical interests are, there will be an event at York Barbican to suit you. The venue is located in the centre of York, YO10 4AH.


Kennedy’s may seem like a fantastic bar and restaurant (which it is), but you will also find some fantastic live music behind its doors. So whether you are hungry, thirsty, or are just looking for some great live music, Kennedy’s is the place for you. Every Sunday sees a host of live music taking place at the restaurant, with a live jazz band performing every Sunday afternoon. And the live music doesn’t stop for the evening – every Sunday evening sees bands play at the venue to create a lively atmosphere to end off the week. Throughout the month Kennedy’s also invites various bands to play at the restaurant, many of whom have achieved national or international success. Again, the venue also supports local talent, so if you fancy playing a great venue once you get more confident with your guitar playing, be sure to get in touch with Kennedy’s. The venue is based in the heart of York, YO1 8AX.

The Basement

Located under the City Screen Picturehouse, 13-17 Coney St, York YO1 9QL. The Basement is a 100 capacity events venue situated below City Screen Picturehouse cinema, right in the heart of York city centre. The venue has hosted an eclectic mix of events including comedy, live music, poetry & drama since March 2000. Its low ceiling and side on layout make the venue incredibly intimate, with the audience rarely more than a couple of metres away from the acts. Although not exactly what you expect from a venue, The Basement has a character all of its own.

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