Famous Bands from York

With such a vibrant music scene, it is inevitable that York would be home to some musicians who have gone on to have very successful careers in music.

Our tutors at Guitar Lessons York like to use home-grown talent to inspire their own students.

When you first start out playing the guitar, you may only be concerned with how to play a simple song, but as you progress further with us here at Guitar Lessons York, you may start to aspire to get on stage and showing your guitar playing skills to an audience. And with such a wide variety of famous musicians in York, there is plenty to aspire to.

Elliot Minor is a rock band from York, which was formed between when several of the members were at school together. The band may be classically trained, which shows through the classical influences in their music, but with guitar, drums and keyboard the band achieves a pop-rock sound. It was in 2006 that the band shot to a wider audience, after winning a competition to support McFly for one of their shows. Since then they have had a string of top 30 singles and have been regulars on the festival scene, including T in the Park and Reading festival. The fact that one of their songs was featured on the BBC coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics is a testament to the wide appeal of the band and their music. After a short break from the music scene, in 2013 Elliot Minor began posting on social media again, playing a one-off show in 2014 which sold out within three minutes.

The Batfish Boys may have had a short-lived music career from 1984-1990, but within that time they managed to achieve a lot, including releasing three albums. The Batfish Boys came from York and Leeds and initially were a gothic rock band when the band was formed by former March Violets vocalist Simon Detroit and former Skeletal Family drummer Martin Pink. However with the addition of some of Detroit’s former bandmates, including guitarist Tom Ashton, the band formed into more of a garage rock band. Later on, more guitarists were added to the line-up to add to the rocky style the band was aiming for. Again their sound began to progress to heavier rock leading them to be signed by GWR in 1987. Although the band released their third album in 1989 to their cult following, they split shortly afterwards.

The Redskins formed in York in 1982 and although known for their rock sound, they also had political influence and are heralded as inspiration for the redskin movement. Their left-wing politics certainly brought the band controversy but it didn’t stop them having several top hits, with “Lean on Me” reaching number three in the UK Indie Chart. Although at their core, the Redskins were a punk rock band, they were also influenced by other genres, including soul and pop. The end result was a string of catchy songs, which helped them achieve the level of fame they managed. However, this fame was relatively short-lived, with the band only managing to release one full album, ‘Neither Washington Nor Moscow’, before they split up in 1986.

Glamour of the Kill is a heavy metal band from York which formed in 2007, taking its name from a line in a ‘He is Legend’ track. Since its inception it has gone on to become a very popular metalcore band, receiving critical acclaim for both their EPs and studio albums. The band achieved mainstream popularity after their debut EP received a 10/10 review from Metal Hammer. They have since gone on to have a Kerrang. video of the week and toured with several other popular bands within the metalcore genre, including Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold. They have also played a huge role in the festival scene over the years. After the release of their first studio album in 2011, Glamour of the Kill returned to their hometown of York to play a gig. 

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